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Greetings, To improve our sales, we're looking for a vendor, who's actually RELIABLE in providing the below equipment certain as listed below. You 'll be rewarded !!Contact details of vendor required, including name and phone. If they turn out to be reliable in supplying the below equipment I’ll immediately reward you.

1. The mind warper generation 4 Dimensional Warp Generator # 52 4350a series wrist watch with z80 or better memory adapter. If in stock the AMD Dimensional Warp Generator module containing the GRC79 induction motor, two I80200 warp stabilizers, 256GB of SRAM, and two Analog Devices isolinear modules, This unit also has a menu driven GUI accessible on the front panel XID display. All in 1 units would be great if reliable models are available
2. The special 23200 or Acme 5X24 series time transducing capacitor with built in temporal displacement. Needed with complete jumper/auxiliary system
3. A reliable crystal Ionizor with unlimited memory backup.
4. I will also pay for Schematics, layouts, and designs directly from the manufature which can be used to build this equipment from readily available parts.

And as usually the (bi)weekly update of new products.

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